Founded in 2004, Izon Studios is a collective of production professionals with diverse backgrounds from around the world. Located in Los Angeles, Ca, the creative team at Izon Studios is flexible and experienced, and we will deliver your vision from concept to completion with passion, dedication, and creativity. Whatever you need -- treatments, scripts, music videos, scoring, sound design, pilots, web content, broadcast video, high-definition video, film -- Izon Studios will impress.



July 2008

- Post-production for independent short "Q".

- Shooting "Dogtown" for National Geographic.

August 2008

- Shooting a short film featuring Danica McKellar.

- Shooting pilot for A&E in Detroit, Mi.

- Shooting music video for 3 de la Habana.


Current Project: Burning Mussolini
Burning Mussolini
Burning Mussolini
Burning Mussolini
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